AZO Probiotics Review

AZO is a trusted brand when it comes to women’s health.

The company is committed to providing high quality health products to address urinary, bladder, and vaginal issues.

AZO products are backed by science and are tested and proven to give you the support and relief you need for any feminine health concerns.

AZO has long built a name in the market as the most trusted over-the-counter UTI pain reliever. They have a product line including products like AZO Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength, AZO Urinary Pain Relief, and AZO Urinary Tract Defense.

They also have an entire cranberry line dedicated solely to vaginal health. This includes AZO Cranberry Softgels, AZO Cranberry Gummies, and AZO Cranberry Caplets.

However, recently this world-renowned brand entered the market for holistic healing, development, and prevention. Rather than waiting for an infection to take root, they went down to the root of the problem.

AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic for Women with Intelliflora technology is designed to ensure that your vaginal microbiome remains intact and balanced. This in turn helps prevent vaginal, bladder, and urinary tract infections.

What is AZO Probiotics?

AZO probiotics are naturally sourced supplements to support vaginal microflora and pH, urinary health and bladder control. Vaginal probiotics are designed to support the vaginal microbiome – your body’s vaginal defensive armor against infections.

Gut microbiome is common knowledge now, with trillions of beneficial bacteria working together to ensure digestive health and immunity. However, the gut is not the only place where bacteria and other microorganism like to inhabit.

Your vagina has a unique ecosystem which protects you from numerous feminine health issues. It is your personal defensive armor against yeast infections, BV, UTIs, and other things that make you feel unpleasant.

AZO researched the vaginal microbiome and isolated four major bacteria species in it. They included these species in their trademarked probiotic formula called Intelliflora.

AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic is a daily supplement designed for the unique needs of women and focused on ensuring feminine health.

These supplements are designed to support your feminine health and maintain a healthy pH so that you never have to let an infection or vaginal issue bring you down.

In addition, the Intelliflora blend has been shown in clinical studies to help restore and maintain the healthy balance of the vaginal microbiota.

Why Do You Need AZO Probiotics?

Your vagina consists of trillions of microorganisms – and not all of them are bad. A delicate balance among these microbes is vital to maintaining the right pH balance in your vagina and preventing infections or yeast overgrowth.

Unfortunately, everyday tasks can throw this balance out of whack. This includes everything from periods to changing hormones, and even tight clothes. Probiotics that are designed specifically to maintain balance in vaginal microflora help to keep things under control.

AZO probiotics for women are developed to maintain balance in the vagina microbiome and not the gut. The probiotic strains included in this supplement are researched to provide numerous vaginal health benefits.

While the same strains may provide gut benefits, they are primarily shown to work in the urinary tract and vaginal ecosystem.

If you are looking for a probiotic because you are tired of recurring infections and really want to do something about them, then AZO probiotics are for you.

The best part – AZO probiotics are safe to be consumed by pregnant women as well. They are also safe to be taken with other AZO products for better urinary health.

How is AZO Probiotics Different?

Most probiotic manufacturers focus on gut, colon health, and immunity. However, AZO probiotics have based their research on the dominating strains found in the vagina.

The Intelliflora technology consist of Lactobacillus crispatus LBV 88, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LBV 96, Lactobacillus gasseri LBV 150N, and Lactobacillus jensenii LBV 116 – 4 most dominant probiotic Lactobacillus species.

By including these Lactobacillus species in their probiotics, AZO has claimed to provide noticeable benefits in just 7 days. Lactobacillus bacteria are known to release lactic acid when they chomp down on all the unhealthy sugars found in the vagina (the root cause of infections).

Lactic acid makes the vagina uninhabitable for pathogenic bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses to take over. This results in a healthier vagina and fewer episodes of infections and issues.

The supplements are very convenient with each serving size of just one capsule containing 5 billion CFUs each. These tablets are also vegan friendly with no animal derived ingredients present in them. AZO probiotics are also free of dairy, lactose, and nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts).

The probiotic supplement is made in the US with high quality ingredients (some of which are imported for maximum efficiency).

The supplements also meet the guidelines of the United States Food & Drug Administration for being gluten-free. There are no artificial dyes, synthetic colors, or preservatives added in this probiotic supplement.

There are many probiotic supplements that are meant for vaginal health, but contain sugar in it. However, AZO takes complete feminine health into mind. They developed the AZO Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic for Women with Intelliflora to be completely sugar-free.

It also contains natural fructooligosaccharides or FOS which is a very beneficial prebiotic. Prebiotics help nourish probiotics while in the capsule and in your body. This ensures that you obtain maximum viable and potent bacteria strains delivered straight to your body.

How to Take AZO Probiotics for Maximum Efficiency

The brand understands that a woman’s day can be quite full, without needlessly adding to the hassle. Hence, they have made their probiotic supplement to be as convenient as possible. You do not need to refrigerate this product.

In fact, you can easily leave them in your desk drawer or handbag without risking any damage to the strains. However, you need to make sure the pills are kept away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dark area.

You do not even have to take these supplements at a particular time of the day. These can be had with or without food, first thing in the morning, after breakfast, before lunch, or right before you head to the gym.

The exact time of the day does not matter, as long as you make sure to have it around the same time every day.


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