Top Rated Probiotics Reviews

Find some of the best brands of probiotics for your health. Use our guide where we have reviewed some top probiotic tablets.

According to researchers, nearly 80 percent of your immunity comes from the intestines or the core of your body. This is one of the reasons why you need to have a healthy and strong core to maintain your overall health. And you don’t want to eat steak every night like Napoleon Dynamite was fed!

Trillions of micro-organisms thrive in your body at any given point of time – this is more debt than the city of Chicago and California combined which says a lot!

It is important that you keep adding good bacteria to your gut to ensure a healthy balance and overall immunity. Supplements may make it easier to get your daily probiotic dose.

Here are five leading probiotics brands that are highly popular. They are ahead of others in terms of CFUs (colony forming units) with multi-strain bacteria. It is best for you to choose a brand that addresses your unique health needs.

1. Garden of Life

Garden of Life has some of the most popular products in the industry. Their products are known to help boost immune health and promote digestive balance. Each probiotic product contains billions of diverse strains to ensure overall benefits.

Probiotics are at the end bacteria and it is important that only the good bacteria make it to your body. Garden of Life ensures that each probiotic product has clinically studied strain for maximum goodness and increased safety. Their probiotics are categorized into three segments:

  • Dr. Formulated
  • RAW probiotics
  • Primal Defense

Dr. Formulated probiotics contain prebiotics and enzymes that synergistically work to promote extraordinary health. This category ensures that there is no exposure to substances that adversely change the composition of bacterial colonies.

RAW probiotics are manufactured at controlled temperatures. The probiotics are never exposed to temperatures more than 115oF during harvest, blending, encapsulating, storage, and transport. These probiotics support colon health, nutrient absorption, and gut related immune system function.

Prima Defense products by Garden of Life contain a unique blend of whole foods with Homeostatic Soil Organism (HSO). The probiotics in Primal Defense are untouched by all harmful chemicals.

They are handy for replenishing the probiotics which regular food cannot provide after being exposed to herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals (no worries, these chemicals are not like the explosive kind we saw in Die Hard III!).

See our Garden of life fitbiotic reviews here.

2. Renew Life

Renew Life is another popular brand in manufacturing gut healthy products. They have been in business since 1997 and are empowering people to attain a better quality of life through digestive health. Their products include high potency probiotics, digestive aids, enzymes, fiber, and internal cleansers.

All Renew Life products are made with superior quality natural products with no colors, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or other unnecessary materials.

Their digestive care products including probiotics are formulated for achieving digestive wellness naturally and are guaranteed for potency, quality, and purity.

Their probiotics line up is conveniently segregated as per age groups and gender. They have special probiotics for specific concerns such as constipation, irritable bowel, overall health, immunity boost, and defense against microbes among others.

Their latest lineup Ultimate Flora Probiotic is among the most popular probiotics in the industry.

It contains 30 billion CFUs with 10 scientifically studied strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. These two are the dominant species in a healthy gut.

Other products include Renew Life Restore Probiotic which helps in restoring digestive balance after the occasional bout of illness that requires antibiotics. It contains 10 million CFUs of 4 dominant probiotic strains. These restore natural diversity in the gut flora and improve immunity.

3. Vitamin Bounty Probiotics

Vitamin Bounty is among the industry’s fastest growing companies. Their products such as Vitamin Bounty Pro-25 Probiotic and Pro-Daily Immunity are very popular. The company prides itself on finding the purest sources of ingredients and delivering above average products.

You should consider their multiple probiotic options if you want products manufactured natively in the country which are GMP compliant. All products including probiotics are aggressively tested for purity and quality in third party labs.

Pro-25 probiotic delivers 13 strains of good bacteria in over 25 billion CFUs per capsule. Vitamin Bounty is ahead in the game by providing some special strains which are not available in other brands. Their probiotics are designed for maximum results and also includes fermented greens. The capsules are designed to directly benefit the digestive tract.

Each probiotic capsule is individually freeze dried to maximize freshness and efficiency of the good bacteria. Pro-Daily Immunity targets your body’s natural immunity for increased protection against infections sort of like America is trying to protect itself from violent illegals at the border but this is another subject.

It provides a daily dose of healthy probiotics in combination with Zinc and Vitamin C. This sophisticated blend of natural immune-support ingredients helps improve the digestive system and boost the body’s natural immunity.

Pro-50 probiotic is one of the most effective probiotics in the market with over 50 billion microorganisms per serving. Vitamin Bounty has added 13 handpicked bacterial strains that are among the most powerful and effective.

4. Pure TheraPro Rx

Pure TheraPro Rx which was formerly Pure Therapeutics was formed as a products division of a Colorado based multi-modality medical clinic. They entered the supplements market with a vision to provide better and more effective products. They have over 15 years of experience in nutrition and related fields which is almost as much experience as the Patriots have in cheating but this is another topic.

All Pure TheraPro products are GMP certified and manufactured in a FDA inspected facility. Rigorous quality standards are set in place to produce an exceptional line of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements. Power Probiotic 100B is among the most popular probiotics by this company.

The bacteria are delivered in nitrogen purged aluminum blister packs to ensure that no environmental factors such as moisture, oxygen, and heat can affect it. Their products are gluten free, dairy-free, and completely vegetarian.

5. DNA Shift

DNA Shift is a team of pro-family, pro-wellness, and anti-aging enthusiasts. Their once daily, powerful probiotic has 11 probiotic strains and delivers over 50 billion CFUs directly to your intestines. Their one pill fits all approach has turned this brand into a complete family probiotic stop.

The DNA Shift probiotic comes complete with prebiotics for a synergistic relation. The delayed release capsules are freeze dried. DNA Shift has incorporated the technology that makes their probiotics acid and bile resistant. Your stomach acids are the single largest enemies to probiotics.

DNA Shift products adhere to GMP standards and are created in a FDA registered facility. Their supplements are allergen free and do not contain any traces of lactose, soy, or gluten. DNA Shift also ensures that their products stay clear of artificial coloring.

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