Vegan Diet Probiotic Sources

    Most people link probiotics with yogurt kind of like most people link a kid’s movie with Thor III or Star…

    Are You Consuming Enough Fiber?

    Fiber is one of the most essential elements of your daily diet. It helps keep regularize your bowel movement, makes…

    The Worst Foods For Your Gut Health

    If you are updated with the recent research on the importance of gut health, then you probably know that a…

    5 Best Fruits For a Healthy Gut

    A healthy gut can only be possible when you have a balanced gut microbiome kind of like you can only…

    Do Probiotics Boost Your Immune System

    Your immune system does a remarkable job of defending your body against pathogens and infections. However, sometimes a harmful germ…

    Can Probiotics Help With Gas?

    Probiotics are known to help with all types of digestive disorders by delivering live bacteria to your gut and ensuring…

    Are probiotics good for you? Fact vs. Fiction

    With an ever-growing array of probiotic enriched foods, beverages, and supplements, it is important to make poignant choices and separate…

    Probiotics and Thrush

    Oral thrush refers to an excessive growth of candida fungus in the mouth. Candida in limited colony numbers is helpful…

    Are Probiotics Created Equal? Discussing Different Strains

    Probiotics are beneficial bacteria (and in some cases beneficial yeast) that provide a boost to your physical and mental health.…

    Probiotics Linked To Curing Depression

    Researchers have discovered that among other health benefits, probiotics can also play a vital role in curing depression. Probiotics as…


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