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How Do I Know My Probiotics Are Working?

If you have just started taking probiotics, chances are good that you are looking for signs probiotics are working. At first, the changes can be quite small – or even a bit negative – as your body gets used to its new gut population, but do not let that keep you from consistently taking your probiotics. As you continue taking probiotics, your body will start to get used to the increased gut health, and you will begin to reap the benefits.

How long to wait for probiotics to start working? Still, if you are wanting to know how do you know probiotics are working, keep an eye for for these simple signs. Keep in mind, because every person’s microbiome is their own, it is difficult to know the exact way that changes and improvements will manifest. Most people will start to recognize changes within a week to several months after beginning probiotic supplementation. Keeping that in mind, here are ten signs probiotics are working for you!

Regular bowel movements

Probiotics help you digest food and absorb nutrients in a healthy way. Healthier digestions leads to healthier bowel movements and decreased discomfort and inflammation in your digestive tract. In fact, healthier bowel movements is one of the top reasons why people start taking probiotics. If you are starting to sense that improvement, keep going! More good changes are soon to follow.

Improved energy

This is another improvement that many people who start taking probiotics notice. Since the primary role of beneficial bacteria is helping your body extract nutrients and energy from the food you eat, it’s quite likely that you ill notice increased energy levels. That’s because you a literally helping your body get the most of the food you eat and absorb more vitamins and minerals.

Fewer cravings

Another signs probiotics are working is that you will start to notice that you are craving sugars and carbs less and less. Our intestinal microorganisms are able to manipulate and chance our behavior and appetite in order to obtain the kind of foods that they need to thrive and grow. That means that you will likely start craving healthy and natural prebiotics like fruits and vegetables rather than cookies, fast food, ice cream, and pizza. It’s a win-win!

Weight loss

This might be the only signs probiotics are working that you care about, and that’s fine! It’s a sign that you are starting to become more healthy. Beneficials microorganisms improve nutrients absorption, regulate hunger, and satisfy appetites. They also reduce inflammation and balance blood sugar. All of this can lead to healthy and sustained weight loss.

Less colds, flus, and infections

A massive amount of your immune system is located within your digestive tract and gut – in fact about 80 percent lives inside your gut! The healthy gut flora that you introduce to your body to thanks to probiotics will team up with the immune cells living in your body to boost your body’s defense against infection, pathogens, toxins, and all the nasty stuff you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Fewer allergies

With the right and healthy balance of gut flora inside of you, one sign that probiotics are working are that you will be able to fight off pesky allergies that come with the changing seasons. It can be a great benefit to those who are still looking for way to fight off wheezing, sneezing, and itchy eyes.

Better and more stable moods

90 percent of your body’s serotonin (the chemical that our brain gets when we feel good) is made in the microbes of our gut! When your gut and digestive tract is full of healthy and happy organisms, it is better at regulating your mood and putting out positive feelings. It’s simply crazy how the human body works!

Decreased anxiety

The gut-brain axis is what the gut microbes use to transmit messages to your brain and vice versa. Research has shown that increased gut health can have beneficial impacts on your brain and mental health, and reducing anxiety and depression is one of the most noticeable ways that it does just that.

Decreased yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis

One very common reason why women take probiotics is to help improve the microbial ecosystem within the vagina. If you have started taking probiotics and realize that the frequency of yeast infections or other vaginal infections have deceased, chances are good you are reaping one of the benefits of taking probiotics.

Improve skin health and appearance

A healthy gut flora decrease inflammation throughout your body and facilitate proper elimination of waste. Since your skin is one of your organs (it’s actually your biggest), detoxifying and helping your gut be as healthy as it can be will lead to healthier looking and clearer skin.

Things to look out for

Just because probiotics are most well known for their positive impacts, doesn’t mean they can’t have negative impacts on the body as well. Sensitivity and allergies to specific strains of probiotics are possible and known to happen. Keep an eye out for symptoms such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps, rashes, and acne. If they appear or get worse after starting probiotic supplements, you may want to consider stopping taking probiotics or changing your regime.

It is also important to remember, however, that these side effects are also quite common when anyone starts taking probiotics for the first time, and most experts typically advise that you simply keep taking your new probiotics and wait for the negative side effects to subside so that you can start reaping the many benefits that probiotics can have on the inside and outside of your body!

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