Famous Healthy People – Celebs Who Love Probiotics

Probiotics are microscopic living creatures that benefit both your body and mind. There are many famous celebs that take probiotics be it for aging, mental focus, gut health or the other many benefits of probiotics. 

They help in maintaining digestive health, immune health, and reduce the risk of a number of diseases and disorder, like IBS, colitis, and celiac disease.

Probiotics are so good that even celebrities have joined this growing health and nutrition trend. This is further proof that probiotics are more than just a transient fad. They are a lifestyle choice.

Here are few prominent healthy celebrities that love taking probiotic supplements:

Gwyneth Paltrow


In a recent interview, Gwyneth Paltrow was asked the secret to her slender figure. It was discovered that along with maintaining a strict diet, she also takes probiotic supplements.

Paltrow is proof that probiotic supplements can help you lose weight effectively when you take them just before your breakfast.

When it comes to Hollywood health products, probiotics is definitely a sign that not all celebrities are crazy! Probiotics and probiotic supplements have quantifiable benefits.

The gut microbiome has a lot to do with hunger pangs, sugar cravings, and how effectively you can lose weight. Harmful bacteria strains are the ones to blame when you reach for that extra serving of sugary, highly processed food.

In a recent study, the gut microbiome of obese mice was transplanted into lean mice. While maintaining the same level of activity and diet, lean mice became obese in a few weeks.

The researchers concluded the levels of bacteroidetes and firmicutes behind the apparent obesity.

Anna Paquin

Another healthy celeb who is a known user of probiotics is former “True Blood” and “X-Men” star Anna Paquin

Paquin has been seen taking probiotic supplements on her way to Hollywood meetings, sipping probiotic enriched drinks, like kefir water and kombucha many times before.

This has got people thinking that maybe kombucha (a fermented tea beverage with lots of probiotics) could be a healthier alternative to the average cup of joe.

Paquin has long been a topic in celebrity health thanks to her sculpted body. Not only does she focus on her diet, she’s also a huge advocate for regular exercise and is an admitted fan of boxing.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato was recently seen wearing a t-shirt that read, “The only supplements I take are probiotic.” Sources say that Lovato combatted her eating disorders and came out successful only because of the thrice-daily probiotic supplements she took.

When the balance between good bacteria and the harmful kinds gets disrupted, there is a shift in your eating habits. Harmful bacteria crave sugars, processed food, and otherwise fatty foods.

Those harmful bacteria secrete dopamine (a chemical neurotransmitter), which sends hunger signals to your brain.

That is what can be dangerous about celebrity health. Sometimes, Hollywood health products aren’t actually good for people, they just encourage weight loss. With probiotics, you can curb your appetite and stay healthy!

Without probiotic supplements and probiotic enriched foods, you could easily develop an eating disorder and put on major weight.

Ashley Greene

The 32 year old star was recently seen heading into a casting office in Santa Monica carrying two bags. One was a Victoria’s Secret Sale bag and the other was from her favorite health store – Montana Naturale.

Sources claim Greene to procure all her supplement needs – even probiotic supplements from this store.

She likes to mix it up when it comes to probiotics since Greene’s nutritionist is of the opinion that the body needs a variety of probiotic strains to function optimally. Wonder which probiotic supplement Greene got this time.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry knows what’s good for her when it comes to celebrity health. She was recently heard talking to a friend about all the health benefits of probiotics and how she had noticed her body change after starting probiotic supplements.

Now, this former Bond girl has never been remotely overweight. She has always maintained the bronze god statue look and by taking probiotics, it seems she is going to maintain it for a long time.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis is a well-known figure in celebrity circles and everyone known she has been promoting Activia (the probiotic yogurt) since 2007. She’s definitely know as one of the famous ‘healthy’ people.

However, what many people are not aware is that Curtis actually depends upon probiotic supplements to maintain her skin elasticity and health to help her come close to other Hollywood actresses who are naturally more appealing.

She has been on a variety of supplements since 2003. However, when she came to know about probiotic supplements, she ditched every other vitamin and mineral supplement.

This eminent actress has changed her entire dietary habits and lifestyle to incorporate organic (Lactobacillus covered) fruits, vegetables, and berries.

Curtis has also been seen drinking kombucha tea, yogurt smoothies, and kefir milk on many occasions. Her diet primarily consists of homemade sauerkraut, tempeh, and raw green peas.

For dessert, she prefers natural sorbet sprinkled with white miso. If you didn’t know, white miso is a Japanese seasoning with a sweet flavor, and has more than 30 strains of bacteria. Before every meal Curtis always takes a probiotic supplement. Now that’s serious celebrity health.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been a whirlwind in recent months and she has finally opened up about how she is able to work consistently and tirelessly. It’s actually a high energy probiotic enriched diet with specially formulated probiotic supplements.

Perry is among the many famous healthy people who swear by personalized probiotic supplements to ensure the best probiotic strains for a healthy and balanced life.

She claims to drink raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar every morning without fail with her personalized probiotic pills. Perry states that apple cider vinegar helps protect probiotic strains from harsh stomach environment and escape unharmed into the small intestine.

Now, there has not been any research on this, but technically apple cider vinegar is known to reduce the acidity of the stomach.


Madonna loves taking probiotic supplements and does not miss even a single gummy (she likes her pills to be sweet) before her meal.

What’s more? Her diet is purely fermented food based. From sourdough breads to pickled vegetables and natto as the main dish, Madonna makes sure that Mayumi Nishimura (her celebrity chef) does not miss a single opportunity to add probiotics to her diet.

Optimal digestion is the foundation upon which total-body health is built and Madonna’s on the right path if she’s cultivating a healthy gut flora.

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