The Best Kimchi Brands to Consider

This article explores some popular US brands of Kimchi. No doubt you’ve tried this snack, and most people either love it or hate it. If you’re reading this you must be a kimchi lover! Based on the title of this article, you have probably ascertained that we are here to talk about the final option this great list. Kimchi is of Korean origin and is made up of a mixture of spices, vegetables (particularly cabbage) that creates a zingy and delicious food that can either be eaten on its own, on the side, or mixed in with other foods to be used as a delicious flavor enhancer or marinade.

Whether you are already a huge fan of kimchi and are simply looking for that next great brand, or have never tried the stuff, here are some great brands to consider looking into purchasing the next time you hit the supermarket or your specialty Asian foods store.

Mother in Law’s Kimchi

Price: $79.99 for a 6-pack

The name speaks for itself, many Korean mother in laws have their very own kimchi recipe and swear theirs is the best on the planet. This one was so good that it was turned into a small and special company that was founded right here in the USA, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

This spicy, complex, and savory flavor is thanks to some of the creative and uncommon ingredients such as anchovy sauce, bone broth, and salted shrimp.

That is was is so incredible about kimchi. There are 100s of little variations that can be made prior to the fermentation process that can have a huge impact on the flavor.

Madge’s Spicy Vegan Kimchi

Price: $11.99

This is one of the few vegan options for kimchi because it is typically mixed with some fish sauce to create a salty and delicious umami flavor. Despite not having fish sauce or any added sugars, Madge’s Spicy Vegan Kimchi is a delicious option that has a spicy tang with a sweet and smooth finish.

The way it achieved that sweetness is by including Asian pears, garlic, and ginger.

This option is just for those who are looking to live a meat-free lifestyle. It ranks as one of the best kimchis you can find.

Lucky Food Seoul Spicy Red Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Price: $14.99

Whether you are looking to simply spice up some homemade fried ride, make a delicious and hearty dumpling soup, or want to add some depth and tanginess to a bowl of stir-fried noodles, this spicy raw kimchi from Lucky Food is crunchy, fresh, and simply packed with flavor.

This one is noticeably well-reviewed on online marketplaces such as Amazon and is a must-try if you are looking for something exceptional.

Sinto Gourmet Spicy Red Nappa Cabbage Kimchi

Price: $11.00

The name of the brand, Sinto, comes from the traditional Korean saying, “sinto buri,” which basically translates into meaning that the body and soul cannot be separated. The incredible family story behind this brand reflects that age-old saying.

Developed and produced in San Francisco by a Korean- born chef, Sinto Kimchi comes in many different varieties and was first inspired by family recipes. Most of these items can be bought from your local store that sells probiotic foods!

Kimchi Kooks Classic Kimchi

Price: $10.00

This is another option straight out of New York City, but this time it is thanks to a mother-and-son duo based out of Brooklyn. This recipe is quite old and refined, dating all the way back to co-founder Kate Kook’s grandfather, who developed his recipe in Korea on his family’s wine brewery.

Not only is the kimchi traditional and delicious, it also comes in a beautiful and well-designed bottle that makes it a conversation piece all on its own.

Mama O’s Premium Cabbage

Price: $32.00

If you’re favorite part about kimchi is the crunchy cabbage, this might be the perfect option for you.

This options is definitely one of the more sour flavors of kimchi you are going to find and is definitely going to offer you a cool and unique flavor that even the most experienced kimchi vets might be surprised by.

Another plus of this option is that the jug that it comes in is rather large, meaning that you don’t have to keep making trips to your local specialty Asia market to pick up another helping.

If you are looking for new and fresh ways to integrate kimchi into your diet, consider these as some options:

  • Add kimchi to your scrambled eggs
  • Layer kimchi on grilled cheese
  • Whip kimchi into deviled eggs
  • Put kimchi in your tacos
  • Stir kimchi into fried rice
  • Stuff kimchi into a cheese quesadilla
  • Put kimchi on a pizza
  • Make a kimchi stew with tofu and dumplings
  • Top a rice bowl or bibimbap with kimchi

There are a ton of options that you can try! Hopefully this list will help encourage you to do just that.

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