How to Make Beet Kvass – a Healthy Probiotic Juice

There are a handful of probiotic juice drinks that you have probably already heard of. Kombucha and kefir are incredibly popular and chances are good, you’ve already tried them!

Something you probably have not tried, however, is a beet kvass drink. It’s a much less widely known probiotic juice, but has all of the benefits of its more popular counterparts.

What is beet kvass?

So, you’ve heard the name, but do you know what is beet kvass? The answer is probably no. Essentially, a beet kvass drink is a fermented probiotic juice made from beets! Experts believe it most likely originated in Russia or Ukraine.

To make is simple, beet kvass is a fermented drink that is made from fermented beets, sea salt, and water. That’s it! As far as probiotic juice and foods go, beet kvass might be one of the easiest to make.

That’s why if you’re wondering where to buy kvass, you should first be looking into making your very own. It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s damn gratifying!

If you’ve never had a beet and are asking what do beets taste like, don’t let the haters dissuade you. Beets are refreshing and delicious. Whether they are eaten raw, steamed, broiled, or grilled, beets are simply fantastic.

With a beet kvass drink, you will enjoy the flavor of the fermented beets as well as the health benefits of this tasty probiotic juice.

What are the benefits of a beet kvass drink?

The truth is, beets and beet kvass have a ton of health benefits.

For one, beets are believed to be healthy on their own thanks to its incredibly red pigment. The compound nitrate, which is found in beets, is thought to promote heart health. Scientific research has shown that the active compound in beets may help to reduce cellular damage and also support anti-inflammatory and liver detoxification.

Beets are also a great source of vitamin C, folate, potassium, iron, and magnesium. They also provide dietary fiber which, if you are an experience probiotic user, you know is a great form of prebiotic.

On top of that, beet kvass is a probiotic juice, that means that it contains healthy and beneficial bacteria that can have huge impacts on your health.

The way beet kvass is turned into a healthy probiotic juice is by turning the raw beets into fermented beets.

The salt in that you use in your fermentation process will kill harmful bacteria while the healthy probiotic bacteria feeds off the sugars in the beets and converts it into lactic acid.

Just like kombucha, kimchi, and sauerkraut, you will instantly recognize the delicious tang that comes with a well-fermented batch of kvass.

What do beets taste like and what does beet kvass taste like?

The truth is, beet kvass tastes quite a lot like beets. Its a little sweet, a little earthy, tangy, and delicious. What kvass offers that beets do not is a bubbly, carbonated aspect which really adds to the mouth feel of the drink.

The great thing about kvass is that even if you do not like beets, you can still enjoy the health benefits of kvass by sneaking it into your favorite veggie smoothie, fruit kombucha, and more.

How to make homemade a beet kvass drink

Making a beet kvass drink at home is super easy. While you might just want to find out where to buy kvass, making it is almost as easy – and absolutely cheaper – than buying it at your specialty grocery store.

Essentially, this is what you need to do to make your own beet kvass drink at home.

Get some organic non-peeled beets and cube them up in to half-inch cubes. Throw them in a mason jar.

Then, add a couple teaspoons of sea salt. It is important not to used iodized salt. The closer you get to salt straight from the ocean the better.

After that, simply fill the jar with filtered water and let it sit at room temperature for 2-5 days. That’s it!

Step by step instructions:

If you are more of a visual learner here is a simple and easy step by step guide to making your own beet kvass drink.

  1. Wash beets and peel if not organic or leave skin on if organic
  2. chop beats into small cubes, do not grate
  3. Place beets in bottom of a half-gallon glass jar
  4. And whey/sauerkraut juice and salt. If you do not want to use sauerkraut juice, you can double the measure of salt
  5. Fill your jar with filtered water
  6. Cover with a towel or cheesecloth
  7. Let ferment for 2-4 days
  8. Transfer to refrigerator to slow down fermentation process and drink as desired

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