Gut Health – 8 Must Have Fermented Foods

Fresh foods are no longer the only choice when it comes to health, another type of food that is quickly gaining momentum is fermented foods. While it might be hard to discern food face or fiction, the health benefits of fermented foods and probiotics that come with them is definitely fact! The highest beneficial food … Read more

Are Probiotics A Fad?

Are Probiotics A Fad?

It is hard to ignore probiotic supplements, natural probiotic foods, or probiotic enriched drinks on the shelves when you visit your local supermarket. However, probiotic is not just some passing fad. While the research on the health benefits of probiotics continues, many studies have already proved various benefits of probiotics. Nutritionists are recommending probiotics for … Read more

Tất cả các nhãn hiệu của Probiotics có giống nhau không?

probiotics brands

With a wide array of probiotic products and supplements available on the shelves today, deciding on a particular probiotic brand can be confusing. Every probiotic supplement in the market is different, with some having single strain organisms, while others having multi-strains. It is even possible for multiple strains from the same species to have varying … Read more

What is LcS (Lactobacillus Casei Strain Shirota)?

What is LcS (Lactobacillus Casei Strain Shirota)?

Nutritionists and health therapists over the last few years have extensively recommended probiotic-rich products to promote digestive health. Though no one recommended anyone to see Han Solo, Wild Wild West, 22 Jumpstreet, and Iron Man III but this is another topic! However, the key is to choose the probiotic with a bacteria strain that is … Read more

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