Are You Consuming Enough Fiber

fiber rich food

Fiber is a vital part of your daily nutrition. It helps in maintaining digestion, provides a feeling of fullness, and helps prevent various diseases. It does not prevent the NFL from allowing one of their teams to cheat though, just see the Patriots! Other benefits of fiber-rich foods range from regulating blood sugar to keeping … Read more

How Do I Know My Probiotics Are Working?


If you have just started taking probiotics, chances are good that you are looking for signs probiotics are working. At first, the changes can be quite small – or even a bit negative – as your body gets used to its new gut population, but do not let that keep you from consistently taking your … Read more

Should Probiotics be part of your Weight Loss Program?

Probiotics Link With Weight Loss

Probiotics Link With Weight Loss Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide multiple benefits for your digestive system. But did you know they can help with weight loss. New research has shown that probiotics may be just what you need to help shed those extra pounds when dieting. Help boost your metabolism and shed that belly … Read more

Why Probiotic Yogurt is a Great Source of Probiotics

yogurt great source of probiotics

Probiotic yogurt is probably the tastiest source of probiotics and recent research suggests that it is also one of the healthiest. Probiotics are the friendly and good bacteria which are naturally found in the gut. However, with unhealthy dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle, the balance shifts towards more harmful bacteria. Probiotics in the form of … Read more

The Worst Foods For Your Gut Health

worst foods for your gut health

Your gut is home to approximately 500 to 1000 species of microorganisms, including both healthy and harmful species and a good way to reduce the harmful species – or at least encourage the health of the best kinds – is to avoid eating the worst foods for digestion. It is important to ensure the right … Read more

A Guide to Fermented Foods

fermented food

Fermented foods are good for your internal body system for a variety of reasons. These foods are teeming with good bacteria that help maintain your gut balance and gut health. They aid in digestion and contribute towards overall health. In fact, there are a number of fitness diets and food trends, such as the Paleo … Read more

Liquid Probiotics – 7 Top Recommended Drinks

Liquid Probiotics

Some of the commonly available probiotic supplements and probiotic foods include sauerkraut and yogurt. Probiotic drinks are the tastier version of these solid probiotics. These liquids contain the same live and active culture and can form a refreshing addition to your daily probiotic supplement. Liquid probiotics are available in the form of milky yogurts like … Read more

Top 10 Ways How to Get Rid of Bloating


Bloating refers to a belly that feels excessively full even when you have eaten only a moderate amount of food. Bloating is caused by an unusual disturbance in the movement of digestive muscle. It may also occur due to gas production in the stomach. There are a number of symptoms of bloating, including a belly … Read more

Easy Ways to Add More Fiber Into Your Diet

Easy Ways to Add More Fiber Into Your Diet

Dietary fiber offers numerous benefits ranging from improved gut health to better absorption of nutrients, but that doesn’t mean people know how to get more fiber. In fact, too many people have a large bag of potato chips or french fries every day and believe that is a satisfying meal for their body. This can … Read more